Non-Critical Notice

TSP Name:ANR Pipeline Company

Notice Type Desc: Other
Posting Date/Time: 01/22/2019 17:05
Notice Effective Date/Time: 01/22/2019 17:05
Notice End Date/Time: 08/01/2020 23:59
Notice ID: 9044
Notice Status Desc: Initiate
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Reqrd Rsp: 5
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Subject: Niles Power Plant Meter Station Project Capacity Reservation Posting (ID: 9044)
Notice Text:
Reservation of Capacity Posting

Pursuant to Section 6.3.3 of the General Terms and Conditions of its FERC Gas Tariff, ANR Pipeline Company (ANR) gives notice that Unsubscribed Capacity, as more fully described below, will be reserved for use in a future expansion of ANR's system. The Niles Power Plant Meter Station Project (the "Project") is being proposed to construct and modify certain metering equipment and other ancillary facilities to provide firm transportation service that is currently anticipated to be used by Indeck Niles in association with the proposed Indeck Niles Power Plant in Cass County, Michigan. The estimated Project in-service date is August 1, 2020. The expansion open season for the Project was conducted from June 29, 2017 to July 10, 2017.

ANR is reserving annual transportation capacity as more fully described below for the following segment:

St. John Eastbound (Loc ID 226633): 111,951 Dth/day Annual capacity from January 22, 2019, to the in-service date of the Project.

Prior to this notice, the subject capacity was posted under Informational Postings as generally available Unsubscribed Capacity. ANR will make this capacity available for sale on a limited-term basis starting from the date of this posting until the projected in-service date of the Project as described above. For such limited-term agreements, Transporter will limit any extension rights. If any of this reserved capacity is sold on a limited-term basis that would otherwise be eligible for a right of first refusal or if there are any material changes in the scope of the expansion project, ANR will update this posting accordingly.