Critical Notice

TSP Name:ANR Pipeline Company

Notice Type Desc: Plnd Outage
Posting Date/Time: 08/16/2019 13:10
Notice Effective Date/Time: 08/27/2019 09:00
Notice End Date/Time: 08/28/2019 08:59
Notice ID: 9362
Notice Status Desc: Initiate
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Reqrd Rsp: 5
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Subject: SW Area Capacity Reduction - Mooreland Northbound (Posted 8/16/2019) New: ANR will begin planned maintenance at Buttermilk Compressor Station. (See PSO ID # 9362)
Notice Text:
SW Area Capacity Reduction - Mooreland Northbound (Posted 8/16/2019)

New: Effective August 27th, 2019 only, due to planned maintenance at its Buttermilk Compressor Station, located in the Southwest Area (Zone 4), ANR will reduce the capacity at the Mooreland Northbound (LOC #9505448) by 36-MMcf/d (leaving 170-MMcf/d).

Based on current nominations, it is anticipated the above reductions will result in the curtailment of nominations associated with IT and Firm Catalog Receipt points in the affected area. Also, interconnects along this segment may experience higher line pressures.

The estimated impact to Firm Catalog Receipts for 8/27 is as follows:

0% - Based on the Current Net Shipper Nominations
8% - Based on the Current Contracted MDQ

This posting will be updated as more information becomes available.

For any questions regarding nominations or scheduling, please call the ANR Noms and Scheduling Hotline at:


Please contact System Operations with any questions regarding operations or facilities.
Monica Edwards 832-320-5822 Operations Control
Howard Earl 832-320-5855 Gas Control