Critical Notice

TSP Name:ANR Pipeline Company

Notice Type Desc: Maint
Posting Date/Time: 08/09/2001 13:25
Notice Effective Date/Time: 08/09/2001 13:25
Notice End Date/Time: 12/31/2049 23:59
Notice ID: 479
Notice Status Desc: Initiate
Prior Notice:  
Reqrd Rsp: 5
Rsp Date/Time:  
Notice Text:
Notice of Scheduled GEMS Downtime -- A scheduled system outage will occur on the second Tuesday of each month beginning August 14, 2001. The outage will facilitate system upgrades and routine maintenance. These outages will start at 12:00 A.M and last until 3:00 A.M Central Standard Time. Anyone utilizing GEMS at 11:50 P.M, Central Time, will be notified, and then logged off the system at 12:00 A.M.